In order to download your highlights, you need to log into the easports.com website and then get the replays from you Player Hub.  

The youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/epltalkps3

Send me a PM on the PS3 for the password to the channel if you're interested.  I'll reply with the link to the channel and the password.  After you've uploaded a replay simply respond to current post on the blog with the short description of it and I or Ballgame will add it to this section.

Please include the following info when posting:
Game Info (who vs. who)
Goal Scorer
Time (optional)
Brief Description (optional)


Liverpool v Man City
Gerrard in the 85th minute preserved the draw for Ballgame59's first point of the season (ever).

Liverpool v Arsenal
Wilshere seals the victory with a late goal.

Manchester United v Fulham
A nice through ball from Giggs to a neat finish from Berbatov against Fulham.

West Ham v Manchester United
Rooney blasts one from outside the box to the upper righthand corner