EPL Talk Champions League

I will set up the First Champions League for the EPL Talk Group as a Normal Champions league. This Champions league will have a playoff round afterward as part of the league set up. The bottom 4 that get knocked out of the Tourney I will set up a consolation Tourney for them so that way we all get done playing the tourneys at around the same time. I will send out the invites to the CL format today.

So this first Champions league will consist of all and any EURO based teams. From Russia CSKA League to Ligue 1 down to the Italian Serie A. As said any team in and in between those leagues are able to be picked.

The Second CL will be an EPL Talk World Cup or Cup of Nations. (Same thing just different name) These will be the two formats of the EPL Champions League out and Will alternate every Champions League. Which ever CL is being played it WILL run in conjunction with the normal EPL Talk BP League.

The Pecking order is as follows Gents.

  1. Leo/Ballgame59 has Chosen Internazionale Milan!
  2. Adam/Atom_25 has Chosen FC Bayern München
  3. Byeong/blforyou has Chosen Arsenal
  4. Gunnar/BrooklynZizou Has Chosen AC Milan
  5. Joshua/Musko82 Has Chosen FC Barcelona
  6. Josh/XxRedDevilxX Has Chosen Real Madrid
  7. Chealseadaz Has Chosen Chelsea FC
  8. David/Monarchos159 Has Chosen S.S.C. Napoli
  9. Crystian/born2xl Has Chosen Manchester United                    
Each Member has 12 hours to post either here or on the Facebook Group Page.


  1. Beyong Has chosen Arsenal!!! Gunnar you are on the clock bud 12 hours.

  2. As long as nobody has any objections. I will take my team Chelsea again

  3. I am hoping to get some league games in maybe Sunday. Early start for me tommorow as FA Cup game v Everton and off to Copenhagen on Monday. I hope to see the Champions league in full flow upon my return

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  5. cancel that last one, i'll take Napoli instead.

  6. ChelseaDaz. Do you go to every Chelsea game?

  7. I go to every league game home and away and too as many Cup/Champions League games as i can afford. I havent missed a league game in ten years though this may change as my Girlfriend is expecting in June. The prices now really are ridiculous especially with Chelsea now being one of the more popular teams. Im glad you guys take an interest in the EPL and are as passionate about the league as me. I would be happy if we finish in the top four after a very dissapointing season.

  8. Manchester United is My Pick. Either myself or Ballgame will set the league up this weekend. Thanks for making this speedy.