Friday, January 28, 2011

End Of The Line

I have decided to leave the League since I don't have the time to commit to playing.  Not a real fan of online play once I started playing.  I'm more of a Career Mode type of player and since Career Mode is "broken" not sure if I'll be playing this game much.  

Someone else will have to take the reigns.  I'll be shutting down the blog and everyone can revert to the Facebook Group Crystian (Born2xl) created.  

It's been fun.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to Season 3!

(So a Mexican, Brazilian and American walk onto a soccer pitch...)

Season 3 is upon us.  The League has been reset.  Everyone who selected a team in the previous thread has been sent a PM from me (esomedina) on how to join the League again.  

The only major change to this season is that we are having a playoff at the end of the season to determine the winner.  When I set this up it did not give me the option to set the number of teams eligible for the playoff.  So, we'll see how this works out.  

Hopefully we can get through our 20 or so games each in a short period of time.  

In the meantime to kick off the season, post a short summary/reason why you picked the team you are using in Season 3.  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Season 3 Preparations

Season 2 has come to a close even though we technically did not play all our games.  The final standings as of tonight show Everton (Monarchos159) has been declared the winner.  Congratulations to him as he is an exceptional player. I noticed that tikemhomas left the League so that's why the records show less games played.  Once a player leaves the League, their game results are automatically taken away.  

As the Standings have it, here is how we all faired (Season 3 picks in red):
  1. Monarchos159  (Bolton)
  2. XxRedDevilxX  (Aston Villa)
  3. ChelseaDaz  (Stoke City)
  4. Born2xl  (Chelsea)
  5. bkforyou  (Fulham)
  6. IllhamiD  (Sunderland)
  7. BrooklynZizou  (Liverpool)
  8. im2throwed  (skipped) (assuming he left league)
  9. esomedina  (Manchester City)
  10. atom_25  (Arsenal)
  11. ballgame59  (Tottenham)
  12. Musko82  (Manchester United)
Monarchos159 (picking first), XxRedDevilxX (picking second) and ChelseaDaz (picking third) must pick their Season 3 team from the following list:
  • Aston Villa (tikemhomas left the League so his team gets tossed into the pile)
  • Blackburn
  • Blackpool
  • Bolton
  • Stoke City
  • West Brom
  • Wigan Athletic
  • Wolverhampton
Once those three have picked their teams, the remaining teams will be picked in this order and you may pick any EPL team that has not already been picked (except for Tottenham):
  1. Musko82
  2. atom_25
  3. esomedina
  4. im2throwed
  5. BrooklynZizou
  6. IllhamiD
  7. bkforyou
  8. Born2xl
Ballgame59 will be using Tottenham for Season 3 as he has yet to use his favorite team due to a mix up when picking Season 2 teams.

New for this season, I will be adding a season ending tournament to entice everyone to play and complete the season.  The season ending tournament will hopefully include everyone (depending on how many teams the game limits for the playoffs).  I figure this gives everyone a chance to hoist the silverware in the event some of us just run into a bad period of form and lose a couple big matches or there are connection issues during the season.  The match time will remain the same at 6 minute halves, unless there is overwhelming support to increase the time length.  We will also keep the total times we play agaiinst each other at 2 games.

Due to the way the Leagues are set up on the PS3, I have to re-create the League with the new settings.  Also, I will have to boot everyone and then re-invite you back.  You'll receive instructions via PS3 PM.  Once everyone has picked their team, I will begin this process.

Also, if you know of anyone that wants to join the League, please feel free to invite them.  They will get to pick their teams after we have finished our selections. They will get their picks on a first come, first serve basis based on when they make their initial post in this thread.  I will update our draft list to include their names once they reply here.

So, please respond here with your team of choice per your draft order and include any changes you'd like made.

Monarchos159 is now on the clock...