Thursday, December 9, 2010

Virtual Pro Clubs

I've noticed that everyone (I think) has joined the Virtual Pro Club I set up.  Now, in order for this to work, we'd have to set up a night that EVERYONE can log on and play at the same time.  I mean, we can still play matches with a couple of us but then the rest of team is filled with computer players.  I think it'll be more fun if we're all together.

I'm assuming that a weekend night (Friday through Sunday) would work best for some of our outside of the USA League members.

I'm not looking to get to the top of the leaderboard or anything with this Pro Club.  I simply find Pro Club matches really fun.


  1. I have a Pro and would like to give this a try. Lets all try to figure out a night. I know Gunnar would love to use his Pro!

  2. I figured that we had to dedicate a night so we all can play. I'm definitely IN!I was not sure how it works really. I just stared playing last night. Did good in my first two game then I think I may have lost the game for my team on the last one.

    I think it would be cool to get some if not all of the guys here to play Club. Not really sure how it works. Can anyone here actually host a game? And if so, anyone can play on our team if we don't fill all of the positions? Do we have a team name, kit and all that? I see that we do have a stadium .

  3. I would like to suggest that we all post what are our preferred positions and set game days so that way if we have 6 CAM 4 CDM and 5 Strikers we can have someone set themselves as a Keep in the VPro set up and Defenders. We can also Swap every day. Like For Myself on Friday or Saturday I can play in my CM CAM position. and then on Sunday or next week I can play in Defense to let another player play in their CM/CAM position. If you guys are alright with this I will post my stats according to Position both LWB/RWB/RB/LB/CB/SW, CM/CAM/CDM/RM/LM, and ST/CF/LW/RW. for now I know I am rated s a 88 rated CAM/CM

  4. oh yeah and I am in I love the Pro Club games :p

  5. I would love to bring our skills together and have a go on other teams.

    Martin, what is your pro-club's name and at what time do you intend to play? I would be available this Friday from 9pm until 11pm ET, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30pm until midnight.

    Currently I'm playing as CAM but I could also move in the top as a center striker (creator) or as a holding midfielder. I'm rated 77-79 depending on the position I'm playing.

    Hope we get this team going.


  6. Had just minutes ago two very tight matches against West Ham. While I was lucky in the first match to score with Zoltan Gera and to have Mark Schwarzer making outstanding saves, I saw West Ham coming back from two null down and one man out to achieve and respective and well deserved draw.

    Great work Born2xl, you really put me under pressure and made me nervous in the last twenty minutes of the game. I was even lucky for not loosing this game.

    To get an impression of the quality of the game and scoring watch Dempsey's great lop:


  7. The club name is EPL Talk. I thought I sent you an invite Gunnar. I'll double check on Friday.

    Like most of us, I have a CAM. Currently rated an 81 at CAM. He has the Playmaker Special Ability.

    I can easily edit him to be a CB or Wingback to suit the team. I need to work on his defense anyway so have no problem moving to the backline.

    I'm available every night after 9:00pm CST until about midnight except for Mondays.

  8. my virtual pro is a RB, rating in the high 70's i believe.

    but his defensive ratings are pretty high so i can play anywhere along the back 4.

  9. I am also a RB and have a rating of 70. I have been playing mostly as RWB. Would love to play soon. I should be on most of the week end to play some more league games & PRO .

  10. Ballgame and myself ran a few Practice Matches in the pro Club and played against the World XI team. The first game was normal and expected. We drew 0-0. the second game however Ball was on the Right wing and I was in the CAM role. Used a 4-1-2-1-2 Formation and we were able to beat the World XI 2-1 or 3-1. It was a great game and I was able to get familiarized with Leo's playing style and familiarity on the pitch. I think before we play any Club League games we should knock out a few Practice games.

  11. Martin that last encounter was really something. Even though I did make that Red card Tackle, I made it just outside the box. And cuz I was pissed cuz you got one of my guys. He was retaliating for his teammate, :p. But yeah I did go one down pretty early on but managed to keep the pressure going. Freaking C. Cole can never do anything when it matters dammit. Now Piquionne I can always rely on. Love that Frenchie. Not to mention West Ham can never seem to finish a ball coming in from a cross they always head it over the freaking goal. its damned annoying. But no luck really that is just the type of finishing West Ham has. A draw was about right. And you played to terrific games.

  12. hey ballgame, if we are both playing in the club at the same time one of us can take RB and the other LB. They usually aren't positions people fight over anyway lol

  13. We have all played each other a good amount of times by now. Should we be playing the position that makes the most sense based on our playing style? I can play anywhere on the pitch, but my preference is in the middle of the park here I can shoot and control the tempo of the match. DCM or OCM is my preference and where I play the strongest.

  14. I can also switch on the left wing since I have good crossing skills. However, my pro is not the fastest in the moment, but I could change this by changing is position.

  15. David. Sounds good to me. I want to work on the other Defensive positions anyway. Should I edit my VP's position or should I keep it RB and just play another spot in the defense ? Anyone have any opinions about that ?

  16. What if we post out Skills sets and Rating By our Favorite Position. Like My Short passing is 91 and my Long passing and Crossing is above 80 for sure


    just a bit of real action for you guys to check out :p

  18. Sweet goal, Crystian ! Pretty cool. Man I wish I played when I was younger.

    Anyone gonna be on today? My first weekend off in 5 weeks with a lot of plans however I got a nasty cold. Sooooo....EPL all morning. Navy v Army game in the afternoon. Then EPL or FIFA11 after wards.


  19. Navy won bro. And thanks man you should have seen it from my Point of View.

  20. Ok. So far we have a few people interested in playing some Club games. We've all discussed what our Pro can do but havn't really talked about when we can unleash these guys. Not everyone is going to be able to get on at the same time. That's been proven. So - I suggest that we schedule a night in advance. Who ever can get there, can get there. We can do this multiple times (schedule a couple of sessions) so that everyone has a chance. Yes - it would be nice to have EVERYONE present however since we're just doing this for fun and not trying to get to the top of the table, it would be cool to at least have a few of us. Any suggestions as to what night? Some of us can play regularly before 11PM est (10 ct) Some after.
    I suggest Tuesday and Thursday. If you can't make it one night, try to make it on the other. This is just a starting point. Doesn't have to be these days. I just wanted to get the ball rollin. In can make any night after 5pm est. Sundays after 9pm est.

  21. I say Saturday since more people can get on and the it will be more likely to see better attendance. But since its a time where Holidays are coming up people will have vacations and more free time. So I think we should play this one by ear every week until after the Holidays. I think only till after the holidays will we get a real Idea of what days will be better to do this on and have the most people get on.

  22. Ok Guys I will post up my stats BY position Soon. Its going to take me a while to write it all down and Jot it up But I will. However as an Idea of what and where I stand I found out today that as Wing Mid I am 81 and rated higher in game to 85. As a CAM I am 82 and get rated to 88 In game. As A CB (which surprised the hell outta me) I am 83 and rated to 89 in game. By in game I mean during the course of a Match. So. not too shabby. I can pretty much play anywhere but I am most comfortable as a CAM or CM. Like I said Ill post a more detailed description of my stats later.

  23. ChelseaDaz and I have tried to play AT LEAST 25 times already in both leagues. We can NEVER connect. We both get the "Lost connection with opponent" message. I don't have this problem with anyone else. What if we can not get our games in ?

  24. I have played everyone else no problem very strange. Have you got access to a playstation elsewhere?. I could pack my playstation and take it to my partners on a set night if we agree a time as it may be a problem with our connection?

  25. I have no other place to take my PS3. And I have no problems connecting to anyone else. When the problem first occurred, I went out and bought a new router and we still have the same problem. I have played against people on-line from all over the world and never had a problem connecting . Occasional lag problems but not connecting to someone.It is very weird.

  26. Try and do a friendly next time and see if the same thing happens. hell It might even be your guys's Firewall setting on your routers.

    Ok, Well I took some time after the kids finally went to bed last night and Looked at some positions and in the style that suits me and my personality. So here we go....

    (PM) (PM) (B2B)(winger)(SW)
    Ball Skills 84 81 80 85 68
    Ball Control 85 80 83 89 73
    Curve 81 85 76 78 61
    Dribbling 87 80 82 90 65
    Defending 42 62 51 42 75
    Marking 42 57 47 37 72
    Sliding Tackle 42 62 52 42 74
    Standing tackle 45 70 55 50 80
    Mentality 72 75 71 66 78
    Aggressiveness 62 72 72 62 82
    Positioning 65 67 67 62 72
    Tactical Awareness 72 77 72 62 92
    Vision 91 87 75 82 70
    Passing 85 86 84 82 80
    Crossing 82 80 85 90 79
    Long Passing 83 91 85 80 85
    Short Passing 92 88 84 70 87
    Shooting 75 71 72 70 60
    Finishing 80 69 70 75 50
    Free Kick Accuracy 81 77 72 77 55
    Heading Accuracy 58 63 65 55 75
    Long Shot 81 81 76 71 54
    Penalties 77 72 77 77 69
    Shot Power 74 72 74 69 62
    Volleys 76 66 76 71 61

    My Physical Attributes stay the same no matter what Role I am in so Here goes.

    Physical: 80
    Acceleration: 76
    Agility: 73
    Balance: 83
    Jumping: 80
    Reactions: 83
    Sprint Speed: 84
    Stamina: 82
    Strength: 86

  27. ok so that did not come out the way I thought it would. Crap! makes it really hard to read. But each number from left to right follows each individual Position from left to right.

  28. Fellas,

    Sorry I haven't been on much the last week or so. Crazy family stuff going on that has cleared up for the most part.

    I should be on tonight and will play through as many games as people are online. If no one is online, I'll be playing my Career Mode and if you send an invite I will message you and let you know when I'm finished with a Career Mode game. I hope I can catch up to everyone by the end of the week. I don't want to be "that" guy holding up the League.

    As for Pro Clubs, I'll post up some of my CAM's stats and let you guys decide if someone is better suited for the role. I'll have to check and see if we can tinker with the formation. What's everyone's preference? Me, I like the 4-3-3 with either 3 Attacking Midfielders or 1 Defensive Midfieler and 2 Attacking. I just am accustomed to the Wing play of the 4-3-3, but have been trying out different formations in my Career Mode.

    Like I said, I can edit my player to any role if needed, especially defense as I need to work on those Accomplishments. My style of play is more of a passing role. So I'm well suited for the midfield or the wings as I love playing through balls and crosses.

  29. I have been playing the 4-1-2-1-2 Formation. It allows for the CDM to help in the Defense and push up into attack if he can choose and time them correctly. Also allows for the Wing Backs to Push up too at times so that way they all use up stamina efficiently. Also with the LM/RM it gives Dimension to the wings and still makes them dangerous. With the CAM in pushed up more it lest him focus more on Distributing the ball without always having to rush back. Takes a lot of the Defensive pressure on the CAM. Played a few Pro Club games with Ballgame and we havent lost one when actually won 2 games against the World XI and tied twice. Also the CAM gets to embellish a bit more and gets to really try and score some goals too. Plus with some good speed up front and Smart runs being held and made I think this formation would be sweet. Usually works really well. not to mention I always play a very attacking style. :p

  30. I'll be on for a little while if anyone wants to get any in. League or VPro....I'm in.