Sunday, November 7, 2010

FIFA Ultimate Team

Sorry about the lack of interaction I've had with the blog as well as playing some games over the course of the last week or so.  Back to back busy weekends are partly to blame for me.  The main culprit has been FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).  This game mode has totally sucked me in.  I've spent the free time I have simply buying and trading players to build up my coins to build the team I want.  I have my main team, a Bronze level team and for fun, I built the Chicago Fire MLS team.  As for League games, I'm pretty sure I can get some in Monday night but the rest of the week looks bleak as I have some personal matters to attend to until the weekend.  I may be able to pop on sporadically but not too sure.  So, if I don't sign in for a couple days, I'll be back on the weekend.  

Feel free to discuss League games and FUT here...


  1. Yes. FUT has been consuming. To say the least .
    Still not sure what direction that I want to go in. A lot of thought has to go into it and well- sometimes I just wanna play & not have to think about building a team. Maybe it's not for me. I suppose that I can do it on the side in spare time until I build a team that I actually WANT. What's frustrating is that someone ALWAYS needs a contract fix between games. So if you want to play back to back games, you have to have MANY contracts in your consumables to continue with that squad. And I like to build and tweak the team on the computer and I just cant seem to find the consumables on line. I'd also like to be able to see my whole team at one time.

    It would be cool if we could get some FUT games in with friends when we can't get any league games in.

    I'd really like to get as many league games in as well so look for me.

  2. Hi Ball Game they have given me a fix which i am looking to try. I hope to eb on tommorow. I have seen Martin online but so far he hasnt been available to play

  3. Chelsea,

    If I am on tonight, it will be for the sole purpose of getting some League games in. I need to update the Standings as well as do some other administrative stuff like kicking people from the League.

    My FUT team is pretty much set, so I don't need to tinker with it until the next Team of the Week players are announced and then I try like a mad dog to get anyone on the list that I like or need. I think those are released on November 11.

  4. I really do try not to sound like a simpleton but how can you obtain the team of the week? Do you just buy a bunch of gold packs? I'm trying myself to find players the I WANT.

    I will look for ya chelseadaz.

  5. It was tough finding them with the 4-3-3 preferred formation but I got ones that I wanted for the most part. I had to change a couple guys with the Formation cards (Adam Johnson being one). My team overall should jump up once I fill in the Reserves or replace some starting players and move them to the bench. Eventually I will field a complete Arsenal team once I build up my coins and can bid on them all. I have a few pieces in place already like Vermaelen, Song, Bendtner.

    Here's my FUT Team:

    Formation 4-3-3
    Overall: 81
    Chemistry: 71
    Manager: 92 Ancelotti (Italy) (4-3-3)

    Starting XI
    GK 84 Adler (Germany) (4-3-3)
    LWB 78 Coentrao (Portugal) (4-3-3)
    LCB 82 Bruno Alves (Portugal) (4-3-3)
    RCB 83 Vermaelen (Belgium) (4-3-3)
    RB 77 van der Wiel (Netherlands) (4-3-3)
    LCM 82 Gonzalez (Argentina) (4-3-3)
    CDM 81 Fellaini (Belgium) (4-3-3)
    RCM 83 Hamsik (Slovakia) (4-3-3)
    LW 81 Adam Johnson (England) (4-3-3)
    ST 79 Chicharito (Mexico) (4-3-3)
    RW 83 Donovan (USA) (4-3-3)

    GK 78 De Gea (Spain) (4-3-3)
    CB 78 Nunes (Portugal) (4-3-3)
    CDM 77 Rodwell (England) (4-3-3)
    CDM 82 Song (Ghana) (4-3-3)
    CM 78 Afellay (Netherlands) (4-3-3)
    RW 81 Hazard (Belgium) (4-3-3)
    ST 79 Bendtner (Denmark) (4-3-3)

    CM 79 Micael (Portugal) (4-3-3)

  6. Ballgame,

    Team of the Week players are designated with a black background and black square around their Rating.

    There are shinier cards that are considered "rare" because the players tend to be really good at one attribute. For example, a Bronze player with like 80 Pace.

    If you come across players with a colored square around their Rating, it means that the player has been boosted with an Attribute card.

  7. I see. Do you get the players on the team of the week by buying them in the auction or purchase packs?
    My team is formidable (75) however my chemistry is only 47. I'm just now getting a feel for acquire players. At first I just really wanted to play.

  8. you can get them in packs or by auctions. chemistry is affected by position, formation, nationality, league team.

    who is on your team?

  9. My roster. That's one thing that is a draw back for me.....While the interface is easy to use, I don't think that it is easy to view. Like I cant see who is in my reserves without attempting to swap someone from my starting XI or subs. A "list view" would be a cool option . I'd also like to see how much I purchased for someone (There may be and I just haven't seen it yet).
    I only manage my team from the computer and it would be nice to apply the contracts, healing and training on the computer instead of having to do it from the PS3.

    Another thing is that I can't see my consumables unless I am going to use them.
    Maybe all of these things are there and I just cant find them but overall it's been pretty cool.

    Since I dont have any direction in which way I wanna build a team, I may just sell my non EPL players and try to buy EPL players. I have to admit that I only know the players in the EPL.
    In comparison to your team, I see that my formations are all over the place. I may try to correct that.
    Here is my squad (for now.)

    Starting XI * = EPL
    GK Howard*
    CB Lopo
    LB Mathieu
    CB Bassong*
    CB Coloccini*
    CDM Bolatti
    CM Nekounam
    CAM Jiminez
    CM Almiron
    ST Elmander*
    ST Yakubu*

    GK Fredrikson
    ST Kokrin
    LM Etherington*
    CAM Krebs
    LW Vidic
    CB Baird*
    CDM Holla

    I also have 12 reserves.

  10. Yeah, I'm thinking about selling most of my guys and starting over with simply an EPL team or concentrate on another league.

  11. I pretty much started over last night. Sold just about everyone.

  12. Martin

    Sorry didnt make it on last night. Should be on tonight if anyone on. I have not had a look at this ultimate team yet. Is it Hard to get into or do i just follow the screens?. I think as regards our league the booting needs to start as the league is grinding to a halt. It is the same people online all the time so no games can be played. I think the conditions of entry should be a minimum of 5 games in a week.

  13. Last night I kept getting kicked from the EA Servers. Even if we were on, I think it would have been pointless to play as we would have been getting kicked every few minutes. Although I was able to get in some FUT games later on last night. But from like 8:00pm to 10:30pm, the connection was crap for me.

    Post coming about League booting.

  14. Chelseadaz

    It's not hard. Just time consuming building a team. More general manager stuff.
    Kinda like building your own fantasy team and actually getting to control their actions.

    Actually got in aleague game last night with moose (Liverpool ). Yep. 0-21 .

  15. Do the players of the week come out today?