Sunday, November 7, 2010

FIFA Ultimate Team

Sorry about the lack of interaction I've had with the blog as well as playing some games over the course of the last week or so.  Back to back busy weekends are partly to blame for me.  The main culprit has been FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).  This game mode has totally sucked me in.  I've spent the free time I have simply buying and trading players to build up my coins to build the team I want.  I have my main team, a Bronze level team and for fun, I built the Chicago Fire MLS team.  As for League games, I'm pretty sure I can get some in Monday night but the rest of the week looks bleak as I have some personal matters to attend to until the weekend.  I may be able to pop on sporadically but not too sure.  So, if I don't sign in for a couple days, I'll be back on the weekend.  

Feel free to discuss League games and FUT here...