Friday, October 15, 2010

The Basics

The EPL Talk FIFA 11 PS3 League consists of one 20 team league and originated on the website after a review of FIFA 11 was posted here. Another post here is where the League really got rolling. The League is meant to emulate the Engligh Premier League season where each user represents an EPL team and we play each other twice. The league is set up where you should only be able to play each other twice or at best have only the first two games played count towards the standing.

Here is a listing of each team being represented by their PS3 user ID:

Arsenal (DoubleJ88)
Aston Villa (atom_25)
Birmingham City (thecash22)
Blackburn (xX-GYAN-3-Xx)
Blackpool (esomedina) (admin)
Bolton (shkrsmrf)
Chelsea (Kipp9) (Chris McQuade)
Everton (Hay_Cliff)
Fulham (Monarchos159)
Liverpool (Moose9t9)
Manchester City (lsu3520)
Manchester United (XxRedDevilxX)
Newcastle United (tikemhonas)
Stoke City (Callum_ws)
Sunderland (Eng9lland)
Tottenham (OISER17)
West Brom (im2throwed25)
West Ham (serdarfl)
Wigan (bkforyou)
Wolverhampton (ryanthehease)

Feel free to add each other as friends so that you know when everyone jumps online outside of checking the League page for online status.

How To Join The League?
The League is currently full. The League is invite only and on a first come/first serve basis. If you are interested in joining the League send me a PM via the PS3 and I'll add you to a waiting list. If there is enough people wanting to join, I'll consider starting a second League. This second League would have the same format, 20 individual EPL teams battling it out.

League Password
Please do not share the League Password with any user. If you receive a message from someone asking for the password, please refer them to me via PS3 PM.

Game Nights
There is no set game night. Just play atleast one game while you are online. I know some of us are heavy into our Career Modes (like me) but please make the time to play a game or two each session you are on. We don't want to drag this first season on like the real EPL season. The games are set to 10 minute halves so that equates to about 25-30 minutes per game.

Game Play / Fair Play
I don't see this being a problem with the current crop of users, but as a reminder, please be respectful of each other. If you have any complaints about a user, send me a PM via the PS3 and we will sort it out from there. Also, I know there are ways to "cheat" the system online with certain types of gameplay. I ask that you do not exploit some of these gameplay tactics in this League. For example, repeated lobbed through balls is no fun to play against. Let's just have fun playing the game and not take it too seriously.

What Happens After The First Season?
We will be re-drafting teams to give everyone a fair shot at playing with their favorite team or simply a better team. If you are already a top flight team, I ask that you consider picking a lower ranked team. I'm calling it now. I am Arsenal in Season 2. You will have the option to stay in the League after each season.

What To Do When Not Playing FIFA 11?
Visit for some of the best writing about soccer and a growing community of dedicated fans.


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  2. Wow, this is great. Thank again, Martin. you have put a ton of effort into this.

    What are your thoughts on more divisions with relegation and promotion? That way more people can come on. EPLTALK has a good amount of readers. Just a thought...

    Also, how are we keeping track of who played who? I checked the standings and it seems as if it dos not go back enough to tell. Correct me if I am wrong.


  3. I believe you can only track who you've played by the "Games Remaining" column. I'll have to look over the settings/options to see if there is a fixtures list or might have to check each user's profile for the scores.

    As for another league, I'm not sure I'd want to run it. It's been a hassle to get some people to stick with one team. Had one guy leave because he didn't like how others played against him. Had one guy say he'll sign up as one team then sign up as another. Have people giving out the password and allowing others to join. But...if interest is there for another league, I'm sure we'll figure something out.

    I'm still waiting on the Everton guy to sign up. I may retract the offer if he doesn't accept it in the next day or so.

  4. Yeah, fair enough. I see what you are saying 100%. Lets just enjoy what we have going now and go from there.

    I will check out the games remaining column when I sign on later. You and I are still in for a couple games!!

  5. Blackpool vs. Manchester United? Yeah, I hope to only lose by a goal or two. I'll be on tonight for sure.

  6. Sounds good. I have dinner plans at 8:00 and that should only be a couple hours. I might get on after that, but I was going to try to get on after I get home from work for a few games, EST.