Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ideas for Rotating Teams for Future Seasons

So, since we're nearing the end of this season and getting closer to crowning a champion, I though we should discuss how we can keep the League fun and exciting season after season while offering everyone a competitive chance at winning.  Ballgame and I were discussing this earlier and here are some thoughts on rotating teams.  Feel free to comment and offer up suggestions:

Idea 1
Since the League is not currently at capacity, the top 3 teams/users would have to pick from the teams currently not being used in the season for next season.  The first place team would get first pick and so on.  That would mean Manchester United's owner would get first pick at teams like Birmingham City, Blackpool, Blackburn, Sunderland, Wigan Athletic, etc.  The remaining users would then get to pick their team, which cannot be the team they currently use in reverse order of finish.  Last place gets first pick.  This idea only works until we fill the League.  

Idea 2
This would be sort of our own relegation system.  The top 3 teams/users would pick one of the top 3 teams in the Championship.  The first place team in our league would pick the first place team from the real life Championship standings at the time.  So for example and at the moment, Manchester Untied's user would pick QPR, Everton gets Cardiff City, etc.  This means that 3 actual EPL teams won't be used each season.  It doesn't mean that the top 3 teams can't be used next season.  The remaining users would pick their new team in reverse order of finish.  Last place gets first pick.  

Idea 3
Where you place in our League, you would pick the inverse of your place according to real life EPL standings.  That means the first place team picks the 20th place team in the EPL, 2nd place the 19th place team and so on.  


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Virtual Pro Clubs

I've noticed that everyone (I think) has joined the Virtual Pro Club I set up.  Now, in order for this to work, we'd have to set up a night that EVERYONE can log on and play at the same time.  I mean, we can still play matches with a couple of us but then the rest of team is filled with computer players.  I think it'll be more fun if we're all together.

I'm assuming that a weekend night (Friday through Sunday) would work best for some of our outside of the USA League members.

I'm not looking to get to the top of the leaderboard or anything with this Pro Club.  I simply find Pro Club matches really fun.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tactics/Formations Discussions

I think it would beneficial to some of us less experienced players to get some help from you vets on the importance of Tactics and Formations and using the right personnel in them.  We talked about it earlier, but with some new people here we can open the discussion again and get some fresh perspectives on it.  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FIFA Ultimate Team

Sorry about the lack of interaction I've had with the blog as well as playing some games over the course of the last week or so.  Back to back busy weekends are partly to blame for me.  The main culprit has been FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).  This game mode has totally sucked me in.  I've spent the free time I have simply buying and trading players to build up my coins to build the team I want.  I have my main team, a Bronze level team and for fun, I built the Chicago Fire MLS team.  As for League games, I'm pretty sure I can get some in Monday night but the rest of the week looks bleak as I have some personal matters to attend to until the weekend.  I may be able to pop on sporadically but not too sure.  So, if I don't sign in for a couple days, I'll be back on the weekend.  

Feel free to discuss League games and FUT here...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Drew You To The Team You Support / Play With

I was wondering what drew all of you to the team you currently support as well as play with in the League.  Some of you had teams "forced" on you due to the ones you wanted already being picked.  Have you become somewhat enamored with your team in the League?  Do you follow them in the real EPL?

My story
I have always had some affinity for soccer (football to most of you).  I always become engrossed in the World Cup and this year was no different.  I guess the fact that the USA had some exciting games in the first round helped tremendously keep my attention a little more.  I do tend to root for Mexico and Brazil more than the USA.  So during the World Cup, I decided I wanted to follow a team.  Didn't know what league.  Didn't want to pick an obvious team.  

I decided on following the English Premier League.  But, I still had to pick a team.  I initially wanted to follow Chelsea but after reading up on them, I just didn't like how the team was run.  So with Chelsea out of the picture, I researched all the teams.  My choices had come down to Arsenal, Everton, Fulham and Liverpool rounding out the list.  Now as superficial as this sounds, I based my pick on the team with the jersey I liked the most because honestly I couldn't support a team with an ugly jersey.  I'm not a jersey "snob" per se, but I like classic looking jerseys with not a lot of activity going on the shirt.  Being a Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan, there is something to be said about the simple and classicness of their jerseys.  That's what I like and what I'm drawn to.  So after researching those four teams and countering that with their jersey, I descended upon Arsenal.  What really drew me to them though was the style of play they exhibit.  I'm not one for brute force or cheating in soccer.  Finding out that the team was not one of the debt heavy teams in the EPL was a welcome plus.  

With my new team in hand, I set out to learn more about the players.  Luckily some were in the World Cup and two of the stars faced off in the World Cup Final.  Lucky me!  I was pulling for Spain because I sided more with Fabregas as he has become my favorite player.  So after the World Cup and during the preseason, I watched their exhibitions and simply fell in love with the team.  Even though I'm fairly new in my support of them, I feel like this is my team.  I wake up early on Saturdays to watch the games via internet stream or if I'm lucky on ESPN2.  I can spout off player names and positions and formation tactics like I've been knowledgeable of the team for years.  Arsenal simply feels like home.  

As for Blackpool, I picked them for this League because I didn't figure anyone else would so I took one for the "team" so to say.  But honestly, they are a surprising team.  Playing like they belong in the EPL and are not a one and done type team.  I look forward to following them and learning more about them as the season progresses and hoping they fight to stay above relegation.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Site Update

The Teams/Users, Standings, Highlights and Contact sections have been updated.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Looks like Eng9lland left the League due to people (including) myself not playing as regularly as needed. So...that leaves an opening for Sunderland. Also, Hay_Cliff has not accepted his invite to join as Everton, so they are available too. Any takers?

Reply here (include PSN ID) or PM me on the PS3 with which team you'll sign up as, Sunderland or Everton. First come, first serve basis.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Basics

The EPL Talk FIFA 11 PS3 League consists of one 20 team league and originated on the website after a review of FIFA 11 was posted here. Another post here is where the League really got rolling. The League is meant to emulate the Engligh Premier League season where each user represents an EPL team and we play each other twice. The league is set up where you should only be able to play each other twice or at best have only the first two games played count towards the standing.

Here is a listing of each team being represented by their PS3 user ID:

Arsenal (DoubleJ88)
Aston Villa (atom_25)
Birmingham City (thecash22)
Blackburn (xX-GYAN-3-Xx)
Blackpool (esomedina) (admin)
Bolton (shkrsmrf)
Chelsea (Kipp9) (Chris McQuade)
Everton (Hay_Cliff)
Fulham (Monarchos159)
Liverpool (Moose9t9)
Manchester City (lsu3520)
Manchester United (XxRedDevilxX)
Newcastle United (tikemhonas)
Stoke City (Callum_ws)
Sunderland (Eng9lland)
Tottenham (OISER17)
West Brom (im2throwed25)
West Ham (serdarfl)
Wigan (bkforyou)
Wolverhampton (ryanthehease)

Feel free to add each other as friends so that you know when everyone jumps online outside of checking the League page for online status.

How To Join The League?
The League is currently full. The League is invite only and on a first come/first serve basis. If you are interested in joining the League send me a PM via the PS3 and I'll add you to a waiting list. If there is enough people wanting to join, I'll consider starting a second League. This second League would have the same format, 20 individual EPL teams battling it out.

League Password
Please do not share the League Password with any user. If you receive a message from someone asking for the password, please refer them to me via PS3 PM.

Game Nights
There is no set game night. Just play atleast one game while you are online. I know some of us are heavy into our Career Modes (like me) but please make the time to play a game or two each session you are on. We don't want to drag this first season on like the real EPL season. The games are set to 10 minute halves so that equates to about 25-30 minutes per game.

Game Play / Fair Play
I don't see this being a problem with the current crop of users, but as a reminder, please be respectful of each other. If you have any complaints about a user, send me a PM via the PS3 and we will sort it out from there. Also, I know there are ways to "cheat" the system online with certain types of gameplay. I ask that you do not exploit some of these gameplay tactics in this League. For example, repeated lobbed through balls is no fun to play against. Let's just have fun playing the game and not take it too seriously.

What Happens After The First Season?
We will be re-drafting teams to give everyone a fair shot at playing with their favorite team or simply a better team. If you are already a top flight team, I ask that you consider picking a lower ranked team. I'm calling it now. I am Arsenal in Season 2. You will have the option to stay in the League after each season.

What To Do When Not Playing FIFA 11?
Visit for some of the best writing about soccer and a growing community of dedicated fans.